The latest VD venture: Homo Pop Gun

A full length of romcom proportions. A gushy sapfest to wipe your tears of loneliness and heartbreak onto. A treatise on the malaise of contemporary relationships and fulfillment through the gaze of jocko homo skate antics.

Get ready for the waterworks!

The sun-bleached land of Italy’s famed remote island was the setting of a journey the Video Diays crew took some months ago. Enjoy Vale Rosomako and Koni Rutschmann as they get cut up and spliced along the piazzas and small towns of the Sicilian territory!

Vale Rosomako is pure street magic. Flame on!

Barbarian leftovers / Sobras bárbaras

Here it be: the long awaited Video Diays full length presentation! Join the Explorers as they make their way across a perilous land of wonder and enchantment. Its a total tapescrape fest! / Al fin: la presentación del largometraje Video Diays! Acompaña a los Exploradores por una tierra peligrosa llena de encanto y misterio. Es una feria de tomas rayadas!

The Video Diays feature length is fast upon us!!

Bang yo head

L’esprit d’escallier

Find your soulmate today!! They’re only a phone call away!!

From the Saco Goudie vaults! ‘92 was bitchin!

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